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RORC Channel Race - Scarlet Logic

Fireworks and Leprechauns  - Blog by crew member by Simon   The day before the race we were loading food aboard Scarlet Logic, Ross, our skipper, comes down to look at our stowage efforts, "We have far too much food onboard" says Ross, "That's because you never let us off the rail to eat it" comments a crew member, demonic laugh

Starboard all the way to St Malo

Friday 11th July, race day, and we are on starboard tack west down the Solent to St Malo, in sunshine and 10 knots of breeze. Dramatically just to windward of Scarlet Logic, Lady Mariposa a beautiful Oyster 625, loses her Code Zero, possibly a halyard breakage, and the crew are going full tilt heaving the sail from the water back on deck.

Round Ireland - final leg!

With just 25NM to go Arthur Logic  are the next yacht due to finish in the Round Ireland race. However, yet another patch of light winds means they are crawling towards the finish line (and bar!) at just 3.5 knots.Word from Jen, the first mate is "If there is another windhole, we might have a nervous breakdown". Word from skipper Nick is "Me t

Day 4 Round Ireland update - on the move again!

Report from first mate Jen on Arthur Logic:"So. After being stuck in what felt like a never ending windhole yesterday, and some of the crew even enjoying a quick swim, we are now surfing nicely downwind in the Atlantic. There is yet again between a battle at the helm - this time between Skipper Nick and Yachtmaster student Ollie - Nick wa

Over Halfway in Round Ireland!

Since yesterday’s update Arthur Logic have passed the halfway mark!   Monster Project the Volvo 70 is leading on the water and heading East along the North Coast, although most of the fleet are still tacking their way up the West Coast. Judging by the wide tacking angles the breeze obviously died overnight and Arthur are currently