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Myth of Malham - Race Report

The RORC Myth of Malham Race was blessed with benign conditions this weekend (remember last year when only about 5 boats actually finished it, or the year before when it was blowing over 30 knots most of the way?!) – so the first RORC race of the Sailing Logic Fastnet Campaign 2013 was a perfect introduction! A total of 116 boats lined up to start

Myth of Malham - It's not a myth, but a boat.

The Myth of Malham was designed by John Laurent Giles (1901-69), who also designed the evergreen Vertue and Angus Primrose (missing at sea 1980), who penned Sir Francis Chichester's Gypsy Moth IV. A boat designed specifically for the Fastnet race of 1947, she was 37'6" and built by Hugh McClean & Co at Greenock, to exploit the RORC rule of the

Small fish in a large pond

Fastnet Training weekend Report from Elaine. Crew member on Jaguar Logic "I've done a few challenges in my time, have to scare myself once in a while, just to check I'm still alive. Coming from a small island I'm used to being a large fish in a small pond, the first training weekend wasn't so much a kick in the backside, as a nudge in the right d

Like Lambs to the Slaughter

Fastnet Training Weekend 1. By Graham D. Crew on Jaguar Logic. We all duly arrived on the sunny lawns of the Royal Airforce Club for the long-awaited reveal. Some tentatively hiding in the corners, some relaxing in the sun, some assured with their tails held high. We all had something in common but knew very little else about each other. The ones

Train like you Race!

In support of our racing events, Sailing Logic offers unrivalled race training courses and events for all experience levels so if you are a little rusty or looking to raise your game consider one of these popular courses.  For novice or rusty racers, join our Introduction To Racing Course. Aimed at those who can sail already but are either ne