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Rolex Middle Sea Race Day 7

And they have finished! Phew..... What a most amazing race!! Chris (Jacko) Jackson and Tim Thubron, our co-skippers of Lancelot, have called in just after crossing the finish line to tell us all about their incredible adventures in this most difficult race. It seems that they have been match racing with a Dufour 45 for the latter part of the race,

Rolex Middle Sea Race Day 6

  And they are still out there! Lancelot 2 has had mixed fortunes over the last 24 hours, as well as mixed weather. The gods must have decided that not getting the wind to blow wasn’t enough torture for the race yachts, that throwing in 40 knot squalls, thunder and fork lightening would spice things up a little bit.... it certainly did

Rolex Middle Sea Race Day 5

  They’re moving again! Overnight the crew of Lancelot 2, the First 40, have made serious gains into the deficit between them and the rest of their class 4 yacht-mates. It has been an absolute wind lottery on the course over the last 3 days, and when Lancelot decided to take a westerly route on Sunday which didn’t pay off, we tho

Lancelot Logic crew update

Date, 23rd Oct 2012 - 12.40 Local Time Position, 38’30.771N 013’50.242E Speed, 6.4knots Course, 234’ After rounding Stromboli and picking our way through some more light winds we managed to find a 5 knot NW wind, on a very tight wind angle we where able to fly the A-sail through most of the night making some good gains back on some of the close

Middle Sea Race update – day 3

A light wind lottery After a good start on Saturday, an OCS decision (over the line early) meant Lancelot 2 had to go back and re-start, but were soon catching up with the rest of the class. The light wind forecast given at the pre-race Skippers briefing became a reality and the highest boats speeds we have seen to date have been 4 to 5 knots. Co-