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Leg 1 delivery approaching Gibraltar

After 11 days of sailing so far (well with a few rest stops) Lancelot 2 and crew are now on the final section of their voyage with Gibraltar just 100nm away.  THe latest report from skipper Jacko is that they are enjoying a gentle 10 knots breeze, calm seas and sunshine and cruising along at 6kts - perfect conditions! Throughout the deliver

Lancelot 2 update

Skipper Mick Watts celebrated his birthday on land in the Spanish Port of Bajona over the weekend. Even ashore the crew were observing steady winds of 35-40knots, so anyone still out at sea would have had a terrible battering. Now the worst of the winds have passed over, Lancelot 2 is back out on the water, having set off in the small hours of thi

Bay of Biscay conditions turning nasty

Lancelot 2  set off on Monday lunchtime in blue skies and sunshine, and caught the tide out of the Solent, past the Needles and into the Channel. They have been sailing non-stop since then - passing the Channel Islands, around the NW tip of France and around the edge of the Bay of Biscay. The crew enjoyed Allie's homecooked meals for the

Lancelot 2 heads into Bay of Biscay

Lancelot 2 is now well into the Bay of Biscay, heading south towards Northern Spain and Portugal. Skipper Jacko called in yesterday afternoon to say they were having a cracking sail, albeit the wind was a little flukey and they were motor sailing at that point. Tuesday night had seen them playing dodgems with local fishing vessels off the French c

Lancelot 2 underway!

Sailing Logic's Beneteau First 40 Lancelot 2 is ready to set sail on Leg 1 off her adventure! Skipper Jacko with co-skipper Mick and crew Brian, Tiina and John have stowed the food, packed up the spares, fuelled up, checked and rechecked the weather and are ready for action! All the crew are excited about their adventure ahead, and looking forward