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Best Ever Round The Island

This 81st edition of annual JP Morgan Round the Island race was a fantastic year for Sailing Logic - once again returning with armfuls of trophies from winning in Division and retaining the Schoolboat Trophy!   Sailing Logic entered 13 yachts of the 1647 entries in the popular race around the Isle of Wight including a group from Tonbrigdge sc

Sunshine in St Malo

The RORC St Malo race is one of the most popular RORC offshore weekend races in the calendar, usually a very tactical race and this year was no different. Cold, wet, upwind and lumpy sea conditions didn't make for the most pleasant of races but finishing 3rd of the British Class 2 entries and just one place behind our target boat La Repon

Round Ireland - Crew report

Race report written by crewman Alastair W.  "What a story !  We had everything, all the thrills and spills, the pain, agony and heartbreak. Soaked to the skin. 5 days in a washing machine. Being tumbled around in cold sea water. Goaded and driven by our skipper, Chippo. Only 3 hot meals and 3 hot drinks the whole way. And I loved every

Round Ireland Round Up

Visit Malta Puma has made it back home after her epic racing adventures! Finishing 2nd in IRC2 after a 5 day match race with team NUI Gallway on another Reflex 38 is a fantastic result! Skipper Chippie comments on the diversity of conditions "We had the lot. Force 0 – 7, a period at anchor and then sailing in 30 plus knots in the space