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Round Ireland Race Report - Day 5

The Cat Pounces and then the wind dies..... Visit Malta Puma continues to push to the limits in her quest of winning the Round Ireland Race. What a race this has been....match racing Reflex 38’s for nearly 700 milers – the crews of Puma and NUI Galway must be absolutely exhausted. The finish line is just about in sight and NUI Galway

Round Ireland Race Day 4

Stealth Mode on Visit Malta Puma At last, we heard directly from the boat early this morning at 5am (thanks Chippie!). All is well onboard, they are very, very tired after keeping the famous Red Maltese kite flying for over 30 hours now, and are very aware of where all their nearest rivals are. They had a tough night with very limited visibility

Round Ireland Day 3 PM report

0.1   knot makes the difference What a difference 0.1 of a knot makes.......  On every race training course at Sailing Logic, we teach our crews how important every bit of boat speed is when racing, however small. This has never been more apparent than today, when Visit Malta Puma is trying so hard to catch NUI Galway, her sister

Round Ireland Day 3 am: A hard days Night

Day 3 of Round Ireland race and Visit Malta Puma is still in a great 2nd place. They are being led in Class 2 by the other Reflex 38, NUI Galway, which they must beat on the water if Puma has a chance of winning this race now. The leading yachts in the race, Green Dragon and Tonnerre are now passing Eagle Island and Black Rock, off the coast of

Cat and Mouse

Visit Malta Puma continues to push hard against her nearest rivals, and has just been pipped to keeping her first place by the other Reflex 38 in the race, NUI Galway. These 2 Reflexes are sister-ships and have raced in the Solent against each other many times. They are very evenly matched and if raced well, it will be nip and tuck all the way! &nb