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ICAP Leopard Sailing Day

At Sailing Logic we are proud to announce that we have teamed up with ICAP Leopard, one of the most famous racing yachts in the World, to offer individuals the unique chance to experience a sailing day aboard this high performance power-house in the Solent!  ICAP Leopard delivers breathtaking performance that is guaranteed to impress.&nb

Final sunset on the RORC Caribbean 600 race

Cruising in da Caribbean - Life does not get any better

Our adventure now continues and the Sailing Logic team are taking advantage of the opportunity to relax with some fantastic cruising around the coast of St Maarten.   We are now anchored in France (that is the French side of the Island!)  Last night we dropped the hook just after sunset in the small secluded Baie de Grand Case.  Me

Life as a mast man – by Philippe Falle

‘Five boats lengths’ came the call from the back of the boat – The windward mark was rapidly approaching and there was a realisation that there was a job for me to do.  What was it….oh yes, pole up – quick, otherwise the helm will shout at me if the kite does not go up upon demand.  ‘One boat length&rs

Hydrocarbon wins the St Maarten Heineken Regatta

Briefing the team aboard Hydrocarbon this morning going into the final race of the St Maarten Heineken Cup I made it very clear that stress levels on the boat could potentially be very high, ‘we have every everything to loose and the others have everything to win&r squo; I told the team.   Going into the final race we had a healt