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The 'Pit Persons' Perspective - Lucy Glovers Final Race Blog!

Great start apparently, tack, quick tack, ready to duck, more halyard tension... back on the rail, where the hell are we? anyone know?... are we in first / fourth/ tenth place??! Was that a call from the back of the boat or just a general comment / expletive...? Tack, tack.. ouch there’s that thing I keep hitting my knee on again - bloody kne

Visit Malta Puma put up a fight!

The penultimate race of the Garmin Hamble Winter Series provided one last show down between the well-sailed X35 Vortex and our gallant team aboard Visit Malta Puma.  Going into the race only Puma or Vortex could win the series.  All that Vortex needed was a first or second place to clinch the series, Puma needed to win and hope Vortex cam