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Playing Around blg - no 2 Day 9

Hi Everyone We've damaged our no 1 again, same issue due to crossed halyards. Hopefully we can repair it enough for the lighter winds we are expecting shortly.Otherwise all well. Looks like we went too far East. We were hoping to cross before the high got to us. If we did so we would have had downwind conditions all the way to Black Rock. Unfortun

Philippe's Blog - Day 9

‘What a Difference a Day Makes’ As many of you already know, we have two adopted boat songs; The Levellers ‘What a beautiful Day’ which gets played in the morning and the Black Eyed Peas ‘I Gotta Feeling’ which is traditionally our evening after dinner song.  They worked exceptionally well on the Round Irel

Day 9 BLog from Playing Around Logic

Well, we are still unsure how this will unfold. We now have the SE we were expecting as the centre of the high pressure passes above us, albeit a little late. It seems to have tracked a bit further S than on our gribs, and we got caught up in it. Those slightly S like Encore managed to escape its clutches better. THose further West we think should

The wind lottery

After making such great progress yesterday, Visit Malta Puma have slowed down, and lost some valuable mileage to the leaders of Class 1 during the night. All is not lost, it is just she is going through the same light patch of breeze that the others passed through earlier. The good news is that it was Playing Around Logic that made up the most gro

The Tortoise and the Hareā€¦

Well well…..Visit Malta Puma, up until now in the RORC Championships have definitely being the Hare, the one that everyone has been chasing, the one that everyone, whatever the class wants to beat. British Soldier, Puma’s main adversary was overheard to say after the Round Ireland Race that no-one celebrates victory until Philippe has