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RORC Madeira-Cowes Race Report No 10: A tale of two Ushants.....In 2005, Sailing Logic declared that we were never going to sail in or around the Bristol Channel ever again, after experiencing the worst tides and conditions that we had ever sailed in on our little 38 foot yachts, whilst trying to take a group of novice sailors to the Ireland and ba

RORC Madeira-Cowes Race Report No 9: ....50 miles to Ushant...Puma has done extraordinarily well today......they are absolutely flying along with 25 knots of wind coming from astern.We think they may have pulled back a few more miles on Pen Azen this afternoon. We believe the deficit is down to less than 15 miles. They have just sailed over 55 mile

RORC Madeira-Cowes Race: BLOG FROM SKIPPER PHILIPPEOur extraordinary adventure is now drawing to a close. We have just a few hundred miles to the finish line in the Solent and are battling it out every inch of the way against Pen Azen. We are currently 22 miles behind them which, once the handicap correction is applied, puts us pretty much level.

RORC Madeira-Cowes Race - Peter Brownsell’s Sunday BlogThis has been a very high spirited trip as I guess you’ll all have realised from the blogs we’ve been sending back from Puma. However spirits can’t always remain high.I know personally that however exciting and rewarding the current experience, I always have a down mome

RORC Madeira-Cowes Race Report No 8 - Homeward Bound......Fantastic news this morning.... Puma have got the expected winds and is rocketing along at the moment, averaging between 11 and 12 knots. They had around 350 miles to go at 0730am, and this will start reducing at an alarming rate going at this brilliant speed. It is interesting to note that