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IT IS OK TO BE SCARED!CLOSING BLOG FROM PHILIPPEI was quite relieved on Monday night when Becki sat in the cockpit of Puma and announced to the team ‘for the first time ever aboard Puma I was scared.’ I was relieved as it was good to know that I was not alone in my own thought. I have often been asked about my scariest moment at sea.

RORC Cherbourg Race - last outing of the season.... Puma Logic and Jaguar Logic set sail on Friday evening to race to Cherbourg with an expected fleet of 52 yachts. This race was the culmination of the RORC offshore series and Jaguar Logic, skippered by Sailing Logic's friend Pete Summers, came along to push Puma hard and also join in the celebra

RORC Madeira-Cowes Race - Final report: It's official - Puma wins!!!Fantastic news...RORC this afternoon have confirmed that Puma Logic and her team have won the Madeira-Cowes Race, by 2 hours and 23 minutes on corrected time...they have actually won twice; first in Class and first overall which means a double celebration. We have some exceptiona

RORC Madeira-Cowes Race Report 12: Puma finish in dramatic style!! 02.14.50 hrs - Puma Logic finish the Madeira-Cowes Race....welcome home Puma!! Pen Azen finished at 23.52, just 2 hours 22 minutes ahead of Puma after over 1500 miles of racing, amazingly close. We do not know yet where each yacht stands in the overall placing of the race but as so

RORC Maderia-Cowes Race Report No 11: .....12 hours to go and counting....Puma is nearly home - into the Channel they have stormed this morning and are still averaging 10 knots towards the finish line. Pen Azen have definitely got ahead of them further after the interesting night, but not far enough for comfort. We still believe that Puma has a cha