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RORC Madeira Race Report No 7 - Puma calls in at last...Here is the first report we have had back from the yacht to date, and it is pretty gripping reading. If you ever wanted to know what it is like to sail on a 38 plastic boat in a severe gale...don't read this!!The sea state in the Western approaches was the worst I have ever seen, no where near

RORC Madeira Race Report No 6: Water, water everywhere.............and at last the winds have moderated and all the crew are awake, up and about, and getting over their seasickness.Philippe has called in today to say that everyone is now feeling alot better, as the wind has calmed a little, and the sea state is still rough, but very much calmer tha

RORC Madeira Race Report No 5: Day 3: And then they're were 5........A night not for the fainthearted. An exhausted Skipper called in at 11pm last night saying that Puma was only 1 mile from Ushant and the seas were huge. Puma was sailing with No 4 heavy jib and storm trysail, and still going over 6 knots. Jamaica Clipper seems to have definitely

RORC Madeira Race Report No 4: Day 2 - afternoon round upWell if the weather is anything to go by here in our offices in Southampton, then spare a thought for Puma Logic out in the thick of it today in the English Channel.Philippe made contact this lunchtime via our Satellite phone to say that all is well onboard although the yacht and everyone wa

RORC Madeira Race Report No 3: Day 2 - Bashing in the ChannelOvernight there has been some interesting developments.Puma Logic has continued her race at a steady pace, the wind has started to increase as predicted and the two Class 2 yachts, Change of Course and Ultreia, have headed back to Plymouth. We don't know yet if they have retired or are e