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BLOG FROM ELAINE HYLAND Our ages ranges from 26 to 68. We are 10 very different individuals who share a common passion for sailing and a love for the sea. That much we knew before we left Shamrock Quay at 6.40am on Monday 11 August to sail to the start line. What we now understand more clearly, after 4 and a half days being flung around in mighty P

RORC Madeira Race Report No 11: Army goes undercover.......All is well onboard Puma Logic this morning. They have lots of breeze, storming along at 8.5 knots, and everyone is looking forward to the wind veering to the North sometime soon, so that the spinnakers can come out of their bags and get an airing. As soon as this happens, boat speed should

RORC Madeira race Report No 10 - What a difference a day makes..... Once again, thanks for all your wonderful messages. They are so refreshing and have played a large part in the increased morale. Please keep them coming, everyone loves them.Yesterday was a great day. The day started with the Levellers ‘What a Beautiful Day’ blasting

RORC Madeira Race Report No 9: Sunshine and Smiles....Stealth Puma continues steady progress under the cloak of anonymity this morning. Her tracker has unfortunately malfunctioned (we think the battery has died) which means we can only get manual position reports for the yacht when they call in, until the end of this race. Once in Maderia the track

RORC Madeira Race Report No 8: Stealth Puma!Where are they? That is the question we have all been asking today. It seems that Puma's tracker decided to stick at their position from 2100 hrs last night, and they have been there ever since.Please don't be alarmed, they are all fine, but unfortunately we are not quite sure exactly where they are. We