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RORC Madeira Race - Blog from Richard VisickI get a kick out of seeing teams work, and this is the strongest and most fun team that I have been part of. This is the 5th Sailing Logic team that I have been a member of, 3 of them with Philippe. As I write we are racing as hard as we can towards Maderia. For Chico and Alice Maderia will be the end

RORC Madeira Race - BLOG FROM BECKI ABOARD PUMA LOGICI never thought that it was possible to have this much fun without Tequila. But apparently this is a ‘dry’ boat (a cruelly ironic term considering the fact that even the insides of our sleeping bags were soaking wet for the first 5 days of this race), and despite my frantic searches,

RORC Madeira Race Report No 12a: Champagne SailingFrom one extreme to another.......just 4 days ago, Puma Logic was sailing in survival mode, now the crew are reaping the rewards of such gruelling conditions as they are now scooting along in the North easterly trade winds. The sun is shining, the 0.75 spinnaker is up and the yacht is speeding nciel

Blog from Peter BrownsellWhat on earth am I doing here? That was certainly not a philosophical question on Tuesday night, off watch, trying to stay in my bunk by hanging on with my toenails.What on earth am I doing here? Really! I signed up with Sailing Logic to do the 2007 Fastnet Race on a whim with the thought that it might improve my seamans

RORC Madeira Race Report No 12: Get out the shorts!!Communication has been hindered a little over the last 24 hours due to a bad internet connection at Sailing Logic but we are now back up and running and find that Puma Logic has continued to sail fast and in the right direction, towards the finish line in Madeira. It is difficult to tell exactly