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RORC Madeira-Cowes Race - Blog from Rachel NEW KIDS ON THE BOATYippeeeee! It’s a ‘clean pants’ day! Perhaps I should rewind a little…….Team Puma is a team of 12 and Mairead and I are the two return leggers, replacing Alice and Chico who did the outward race.Like you, we both followed the race on the tracker and like you, we h

RORC Madeira-Cowes Race Report No 4 - Stealth Puma...again!!!! Please don't worry, Puma hasn't lagged behind during the night, it seems their tracker has malfunctioned again, which is a real shame.Looking at the routes taken by Change of Course and Pen Azen, it seems that the last successful poll was 1900 last night which coincidentally the last t

RORC Madeira-Cowes Race: BLOG FROM BRIANTEN GUYS IN A BOATPart 2Scene: N. Atlantic — 400 miles from PortugalMarmite Watch: Left — Chico, thanks for everything!! Joined — Rachael, welcome to the “A” teamCONSTERNATIONTwo independent events, on the surface totally unrelated, that occurred in the last 24 hours have combin

RORC Madeira-Cowes Race Report No. 3 - Still trucking along.....Puma Logic continues her neck and neck battle with Pen Azen this morning. They were so close yesterday we thought that they might be able to see each other. Puma has her nose in front by just a little, but it is anyone's game today. The wind has strengthened a little over night and the

RORC Maderia-Cowes Race Report No 2 - They're in the lead!Great news overnight, Puma have inched ahead of Pen Azen and we believe them to be about a mile ahead at 0700 this morning.We have also calculated that British Soldier, although leaving 4 days before Puma and Pen Azen, after the same amount of time at sea, were in a position 10 miles astern,