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RORC Madeira-Cowes Race: Mairead’s Blog Friday 6pm This time last week I had just taken off on the Easyjet flight from Gatwick to Maderia, with team-mate Rachel to join the 8 Puma Team who had completed Leg 1 and were preparing for the return leg. I had worked that morning to complete my hand-over; this was going to be my first time on annua

RORC Maderia-Cowes Race Report No 7 - The jib top is out....At last we have managed to make contact with the yacht after about 24 hours. The satellite phone has not been behaving itself, so getting information from the yacht has been a little tricky.All is good aboard. Everyone is now very tired but spirits, as usual, are very high. There is plen

RORC Madeira-Cowes Race Report No 6: Cat and Mouse....As those of us who are not racing look forward to a sunnier forecast this weekend, our courageous team aboard Puma have been having far from predictable weather so far this race. Unseasonal gales and erratic seas have made competing against the rest of the yachts quite a challenge. At the moment

RORC Madeira-Cowes Race: BLOG FROM RICHARDTHINGS ARE A LITTLE TRYING DOWN HERE, CAN YOU MAKE DO?I looked at my watch lying in my bunk; the one lucky one to sleep on the leeward side — there are not enough bunks for everyone to sleep on the high-side. It said 0610. That’s good, 2 hours sleep; that makes 9 since leaving Maderia. It is the

RORC Madeira-Cowes Race Report No 5: Half way home....This evening Puma Logic should be around the mid-way point in her race back to Cowes. During Wednesday night they had some pretty nasty conditions; steep unpredictable seas and pitch black, not giving the helms much chance of steering good course all the time. The tracker is most definitely not