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Jaguar has done it!!

Jaguar Logic has done it!!At 5.15pm this evening, Jaguar Logic powered over the finish line of the Round Britain & Ireland race, achieving 4th in class, a remarkable achievement. A very happy and jubilant crew stepped off the yacht in Cowes to a warm welcome from family, friends and crew from Puma Logic. A very tired skipper Pete Summers paid trib

Puma Logic crosses the line!!

At 04.03 Puma Logic crossed the Royal Yacht Squadron line, to finish 2nd in class, and 12th on the water, a fantastic achievement. Family and friends ventured out in a rib at 2am to find them in the Eastern Solent, and followed the yacht all the way home. Torrential rain and lumpy seas greeted the yacht across the Royal Yacht Squadron line, and cha

Day 14 - update

Both yachts have called in this morning and all is well on board. Puma were off Dover at 0600 hrs with Jaguar some 90 miles behind entering the top of the Thames estuary. Conditions overnight have been breezy and Pete Summers, Skipper of Jaguar said that they have had an awesome nights sailing. The wind has freed off letting the yacht sail on a mor

Day 13 - Jaguar Logic in night-time drama

he wind always seems to follow us and head us again. This was not helped by the fact all the way up the western coast with the wind on the nose everyone was hoping for a bit of a spinnaker run back home. Spirits are still high although it is obvious that tiredness is starting to creep into everything a little more.As I mentioned yesterday was an

Day 12 - Jaguar Logic blogging well

GeneralFlugga watch update (Stuart, Mags, Mick and Rich) - Thursday 15th 17:46 Tuesday night saw the Flugga watch taking the boat around Muggle Flugga, the Northern most tip of the British Isles. The event was characterized by a level of considerable stress as Stuart helmed the boat in total darkness, thick fog, moderate winds and heavy swell throu